Why Natural Health Is My Main Writing Interest

35599815_blog‘Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ – Maimonides

Helping people to help themselves has always been an interest of mine. The above quote summarizes quite nicely my feelings on this. The more you know, the more you can give back to others. To me that’s the crux of how the universe works – everything has its time, place and ability to serve you regardless of your current situation or where you presently find yourself.

Trust in your body

Keeping it natural makes sense to me when it comes to our health as ultimately our bodies are made up of 70% water in our flesh, tissue and bone. Therefore it makes sense to me to want to use herbal remedies to find relief, working with your body’s biology to bring it back into balance and harmony with nature.

The pharmaceutical world has its place, but ultimately if you could help yourself with herbal remedies as our ancestors have for centuries to attain wellness, then why wouldn’t you give it a try first?

Sadly many people are not being served by the pharmaceutical industry and are finding themselves being given pills or medicines to get better, but in actual fact these do nothing to get at the root cause of the illnessĀ  – merely mask the symptoms. As a result they are getting sicker or suffering a myriad of debilitating side effects.

It begins with what you put into your body…

When I see people suffering, I want to help them. From a young age I have known that the body is a self-healing mechanism; when you fall over as a child and scratch your knees, what happens? You bleed. But then a scab forms. This is the body beginning to heal itself. Eventually new skin tissue forms over the cut. In most circumstances the body has a natural ability to heal itself, as self-preservation and survival is its main function. Its only when something goes wrong in the body that this starts messing up and we run into problems – ill health or disease (dis-ease) forms. It really is very simple – it’s just that the human mind likes to complicate things.

More of us are beginning to get ill and to look older before our time and this is on the rise because we live in an increasingly toxic world. Obesity, cancers, diseases both physical, mental and emotional all stem from straying away from our true nature. Eating heavy junk food, sodas, too much processed or cooked foods, lack of exercise, fresh air, being heavily medicated, deficient in vitamins, using toxic chemicals around the home (in the form of cosmetics, detergents and household items, etc) along with feeling empty, stressed, depressed or having a lack of focus and purpose in life all lead down the same road…poor health.

My role in helping others…

It’s up to us to decide the kind of life we want to lead. Do we want a life of good health, filled with purpose and happiness, or do we want to continue doing what we’ve been doing for decades and stay the same way? We have the power to change ourselves and others around us. I believe that my role in this as a natural health copywriter is to help you to communicate your life-saving message to the world. To help save lives. It’s something I am passionate about and if you are too, then why not get in touch to see if we can be of service to one another? I would love to connect.

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