Case Studies

A case study is a detailed examination of a study involving in-depth and detailed research about a particular subject. It may involve a subject, individual, organisation, event or action. The purpose of a case study is to provide more thorough research and to build a ‘case’ for revealing interesting information to the reader. A case study is designed to explain data to its audience and to show the data of the investigation. It also has the desired outcome of enabling researchers to try and to understand the science behind an experiment or a case. Ultimately, its purpose is to inform and persuade an audience with a sturdy body of evidence highlighting how the science or experiments support the overriding theory or use of a particular product. It often uses testimonials and firsthand evidence from volunteers for supporting the body of evidence. Perhaps you req

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Press Releases

A good press release can mean the difference between attracting new customers or missing out on retaining the interest of your target market. Selling your product or services isn’t always easy to do, but the right content can speak volumes to your ideal customer, persuading and influencing them to make an informed decision about your brand. Make an impression by having a well-structured press release that enhances the benefits of your services and encourages your audience to enquire further about your brand and how it can help them. A press release will promote your brand or service in an informative tone, without being pushy or too sales driven. For more information about press releases or how I can help you with this service, please contact me by email or call 07506 536 129 to discuss further.

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Newsletters are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and engage with them on a regular basis. Sent directly to their email inbox, your readers will look forward to receiving your content and connecting with your brand and what you have to say. Building a relationship with your audience is vital if you want to be considered as the ‘go to’ authority and expert within your chosen niche. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your audience, keeping them updated with the latest news, products and information about your company. A well crafted newsletter can save you both time and money in the long term, enabling you to focus on expanding your business, while What I can do for you… I can create a newsletter to share your unique message with the world. The newsletter will be carefully written in your tone of voice t

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Web Content

Your website conveys your business brand and that’s why you need to communicate your message clearly to your audience if you want to: – Target your ideal readership – Build a relationship with your readers – Create trust and loyalty with your audience Quality website content can make a big difference to how your readers understand your message and engage with your business. If your website is difficult to understand or the content is illegible then it could be driving traffic away and preventing visitors from returning. I can create web content that clearly defines what your product or service is about, taking into account your business brand and identity in the process. This could be in the form of web pages, landing pages, articles or blog posts to name but a few examples. To find out more in

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White Papers

Increase The Value Of Your Website With High Quality Content Your website says a lot about your company to potential investors, customers or employees.  Want to make a great first impression, but don’t know what to write? I can help you to plan and write web content that: •    Is well written, clear and concise •    Engages your target market of readers •    Is reflective of your brand, both in tone and narrative •    Simplifies complex subject matter, making it easy to understand With over a decade of website content writing experience, I can help you to choose the right words for your audience. To learn more, please call me on 07506 536 129 or email me here.   Become the ‘go to’ business brand with whi

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