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QI energy

Qi or ‘energy’ is the invisible life force that permeates every being and sustains every being. Qi energy is the conception of our mother’s yin and our father’s yang energy and this is the original Qi that sustains us until our physical life comes to an end.

Qi is the battery and nature’s energy is the fuel that sustains our body and keeps us running on a daily basis. Inside the human body there are a series of channels that carry Qi to all of the organs, keeping us full of energy and vitality. Qi basically communicates information in the body’s systems but due to our hectic lifestyles and modern living, many of us are finding our energy stores are being depleted.

Qi Wellness is a holistic treatment that can help people to renew their energy levels, helping them to feel revived and recharged in the process. Depending on our exertion levels we may use up plenty of energy or we may have it for a much longer period of time. Modern life can be very demanding and therefore we are often using more energy than can be replaced by air, food or water that we take into the body.

What is Qi Energy Treatment?

Restoring Qi within the body can leave you feeling more energetic and vibrant and the results can often be seen in a short period of time, leaving you feeling happier and more connected to the world.

Qi treatment involves the use of a practitioner working with an eastern holistic approach that combines both acupressure, sound and a breathing technique to create a sound vibration that transmits Qi into the energy system.

Upon arriving at the Qi Wellness clinic, you are asked to fill in a simple consultation form which asks what you want to get out of the energy treatments. This is then followed up with the Qi energy consultant who takes this into account when performing your treatment.

The general Qi treatment is performed on a fully clothed person and a series of acupressure points up and down the body are treated with the sound and breathing techniques.

What does Qi energy feel like?

You may experience some moderate pain at first. This is normal and I was reassured that this painful feeling (most notably in the stomach area) is the release of toxins that can build up over time. The stomach and hips are a painful area for most people as it’s where emotions are stored. Any negative reaction or painful memory is stored in our stomach area, along with any undigested food, etc. I also found that the inside leg and hips were painful when ‘prodded’ at, which is what occurs when the acupressure takes place.

However, after the Qi energy treatment I felt amazing. The shifts were subtle, at first I felt a sense of relief as though the weight of the world was being lifted from my shoulders. Over the next few days and the week that followed, I noted that my overall sense of self felt lighter and more easy going. Many of my worries began to dissipate and I felt a feeling of purposefulness returning to my everyday existence.

The previous 12 months had been feeling rather difficult for me and it had affected me emotionally, as though it was ‘eating’ me up inside. After the first Qi session I felt a significant shift in my feelings as though something was beginning to open. I was freeing myself from a feeling of enslavement that my emotions had enchained me too for so long.

As anyone who is sensitive to energy can attest, they may feel emotions more than others and then ‘store’ these deep within in the body, suffering from them as a result. The Qi energy sessions actually help to release these trapped emotions that we may be repressing deep inside of us. The results can be varied…I think for me the results were so dramatic as my energy had become so stagnant for the longest time. Now I found my energy levels increasing and with it I was releasing all kinds of old baggage that was beginning to make me feel drained and fatigued.

After three sessions I can honestly say that I feel like a person renewed. My energy levels are much higher and I’m finding that I have more motivation to wake up and to achieve my goals after months of mulling things over and feeling strange and uncertain about the future. Now I wake up happy in my self and raring to start the day. The difference is incredible…and I can only put it down to feeling at peace in my own skin and receiving enough energy that my vibrational frequency started to rise as a result.

Since 2016 has started I have felt in a different place energetically and in a much more positive manner…long may it continue! I have also started going to the chanting classes as these also incorporate powerful techniques that can release old trapped emotions. The chanting classes involve 30 minutes of chanting and drawing energy down from the crow chakra in the head, followed by the heart chakra and then it opens up the energy in the lower abdomen centre – this is the area that supports vitality. As the mind focuses on each sound, it promotes a sense of peace and encourages you to stay in the present moment. The meditation can help with feeling more peaceful and calm and you may find yourself feeling more positive upon leaving the chanting class.

To learn more about how Qi energy treatments work and to try one out for yourself, visit Qi Wellness or call 020 7462 8811.

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