Finished Copy Portfolio

Below is a small selection of our recent copywriting projects. It is updated regularly, so next time you stop by, take a look and see what we’ve been up to. If you are looking for a copywriter for a specific industry that isn’t shown here, don’t walk on by – ask us to try!

Often copywriters who specialise in a specific area can produce tired and predictable copy. Not because they are bad writers, but simply because they have exhausted every avenue they can find.

A fresh pair of eyes, will spot new and exciting perspectives. As a result you will get brighter, exciting copy that will inspire, motivate and captivate your target audience.



I have written nutrient profiles and articles for Healthspan, the UK’s largest direct supplier of quality vitamins, minerals and health supplements....

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I have recently started writing blog posts for PlentyWell, a health and longevity site that applies the ‘ancient science of healing with modern research to change the way we heal, feel and live.’ Blog posts are written on a weekly basis and focus on health issues, wellness and popular al...

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Good Health Naturally

Good Health Naturally is a leading online supplement company. I have assisted in producing web content, articles, newsletters and press releases for their sites. This includes researching information about health conditions, looking at the latest nutrient studies and in particular how natural healin...

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I regularly write articles and blog posts for the UK’s first online based pharmacy, HealthExpress. By researching their branding and honing in their target market, I have been able to produce consistent blogs for the company and their sister sites on a weekly basis. Topics are related to healt...

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