Could You Be In Need of an ‘Emotional Detox’?


Every one of us has from time to time ‘gone through the motions’ and felt a wide range of ‘colours’ upon the emotional spectrum. From seeing red to feeling blue, we all have an understanding of what it feels like to be emotional and to experience a range of feelings in accordance with various life situations that we may be confronted with.

Emotions are how we react to whatever life events we may be facing. The emotion is how it’s interpreted by us in reaction to these particular events. But what happens when you repress your emotions down so as to avoid conflict? This is when the trouble begins.

We are all running our own subconscious mind programming that determines our belief systems. The way we see the world is determined by this programming and enables us to act and react in accordance with this. For example we may have a set of beliefs about ourselves that limit us from reaching our true potential and so we fail to go to that networking event out of fear that it’s not for us or we won’t be able to make any progress with the people there as they may reject us. Networking is really about learning to get through these social barriers and to confront our fears head on.

In the same way we may face rejection in our personal lives and it can hurt deeply, we need to let go of any expectation about the long-term outcome and just enjoy what we have in the present moment. For the present moment is all we ever really have. Once we learn to let go of the situation and to enjoy ourselves and what we’re doing, that energy becomes contagious and we start inviting in more positive situations and people into our lives as a result.

If you’re feeling stuck emotionally, there are a few things you can do to break this hold:

    • Learn to let go of the situation. Focus your attention onto something else.


    • Writing is a great form of free therapy and it can work wonders for releasing tension and expressing your true feelings.


    • Get walking. Walking has been proven to help with moods and invigorating the mind, keeping the memory sharp while boosting creativity.


    • Chat on the phone. Doing this regularly can help you to relate with others, share ideas and get focused on what other people are doing, all while helping you to work on your own goals.


    • Do something that challenges you. This could mean seeking to do something that you don’t normally do and going out of your way to achieve it. For example maybe you want to do some mountain walking for charity or to raise money for a good cause. Or it  may be something like writing that novel you’ve always wanted to release. The only way to get it done is to take action.


    • Go out of your way to do nice things for others. Surprise people. Do random acts of kindness and always do them from a place of love. Not because you’re expecting anything from it but because you genuinely care for others and want to see them doing well. That means if you have the knowledge, you should share it.


    • Seek Emotional Freedom Technique therapy. Many of us are enslaved by our emotions, as indicated above we are often running old limiting beliefs in our minds that prevent us from reaching our deepest desires and dreams. Learning to let go of these thoughts that no longer serve us can be difficult but it is possible when we focus our attention on changing the beliefs in the first place. EFT can help. It works by tapping on the body’s acupressure points to release limiting beliefs that could be hurting us. When we do this we can create shifts in our ways of thinking and this means we can learn to let go of limited beliefs that are preventing us from reaching what we desire.


Let me know how you get on from using these protocols and if you have any success from following these tips. It’s always nice to connect with readers and I love to hear your feedback.

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