Flagging Energy? Make Time For Qi!

QI energy Qi or 'energy' is the invisible life force that permeates every being and sustains every being. Qi energy is the conception of our mother's yin and our father's yang energy and this is the original Qi that sustains us until our physical life comes to an end. (more…)

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Could You Be In Need of an ‘Emotional Detox’?

24669156_blog Every one of us has from time to time 'gone through the motions' and felt a wide range of 'colours' upon the emotional spectrum. From seeing red to feeling blue, we all have an understanding of what it feels like to be emotional and to experience a range of feelings in accordance with various life situations that we may be confronted with. (more…)

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Is Your Copy Speaking ‘Brand You’?

24981919_blog When you look at your content, is it representative of your brand's message? Do you manage to express meaning out of every syllable and word? Depending on who you are and what you are representing, your brand's message can be powerful or it can be dismissive of you or your client's unique potential. (more…)

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Is LinkedIn The New CV?

rsz_linkedinlogo2LinkedIn has over 332 million members as of 2014, with 2 new users joining every second. As one of the most powerful social media sites outside of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, LinkedIn stands in its own right as the social networking website for business professionals looking to connect with others in their field. It's estimated that 1 in 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn and it's the ideal platform to share business posts, reach out and connect to other professionals and more. Business networking has forever been transformed since the popularity of Linkedin emerged. It's an excellent

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5 Natural Health Products You Shouldn’t Live Without

nhproductsKeeping it natural is one of the most important things you can do for your health and overall sense of wellbeing. But what products should you be using if you want to achieve this? (more…)

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How To Get Started In The World of Freelance Writing

31197867_web If you're thinking of tentatively placing one foot into the vast ocean of freelance writing, but find yourself quickly withdrawing your toes out of fear of being swamped or even worse - drowning, in the world of information there is on this subject then you need to take a simple step back and assess what your primary motives are for pursuing this career goal. Will writing for a living make you happy, fulfill you in some way, or do you just like the idea of being your own boss and working from home? Chances are it's probably both. But the truth is that like any other job in the world, you have to work for it in

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How To Make Your Business More Social

15834435_blogThe rise of social media surprised everyone when it emerged just over a decade ago, but in truth perhaps it isn't all that shocking that it has taken the world by storm... People love engaging with one another and connecting through social media is just one of many tools in the modern world that we can now use to spread our message and communicate about our beliefs, branding and products. Twitter, Facebook and Google+are the tools needed to amplify the message to our intended audience, so we should use them whenever we get the chance. Everyone seems to be caught in the buzz that social media brings and any com

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Why Natural Health Is My Main Writing Interest

35599815_blog'Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime' - Maimonides Helping people to help themselves has always been an interest of mine. The above quote summarizes quite nicely my feelings on this. The more you know, the more you can give back to others. To me that's the crux of how the universe works - everything has its time, place and ability to serve you regardless of your current situation or where you presently find yourself. Trust in your body Keeping it natural makes sense to me when it comes to our health as ultimately our

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What’s Your ‘Drive’? Tips To Increase Your Branding

18047102_blogWe all do things that drive us forward in life. From waking up in the morning to making ourselves look presentable in the mirror before stepping out the front door, everything we do is looking outwardly in the hope of showing ourselves to others in the best possible light. Ultimately the purpose of this is to encourage others to identify and communicate - connect with us. In the same way, your company's branding operates in the same manner. Your website is your brand's 'face' that presents itself to the world. What message are you conveying to visitors who happen to come across it? Below are some tips to

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